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You get to the green. We'll take it from there.®

“As simple as it is revolutionary…”

When we launched our beta model a few years ago, the world took notice. It's been a long strange trip and we're finally ready to debut the CSG:1...the world's most accurate golf putter...scientifically proven to outperform most any putter on tour. It conforms with the USGA and R&A Rules of Golf and is about to be available in its first release in limited supply.

It's like cheating!




Powered by CenterStrike Technology®

The world's most accurate
golf putter.

Science. Design. Performance. Two design patents reflect the unique shape of the CSG:1. Inspired by Netwon's Cradle, a ball striking a ball of the same diameter will always strike at its center of gravity, the “sweet spot.” A true roll, the truest, is an inherent feature of CenterStrike Technology and the reason we measure in two-putts, not three. Do the math, it's awesome.


Once upon a time, most people believed the world was flat… Think about it, why would you ever putt a round ball with anything other than a curved surface? Our twice patented solution is called the CSG:1 and CenterStrike Technology is the game. Now, and for the future of golf.


420 grams of pendulum swinging truest roll accuracy puts the fun in function and form.
A joy to behold” says PutterZone, “improve initial roll” Golf Digest, “Unconventionally straight” straight out of Independent Golf Review. It starts to make more sense now, doesn’t it?


By converting your 3-putt rounds to two-putt rounds, you’ll reduce your score by 18, right? Wouldn’t you like that kind of advantage with every round (pun intended). And, while we can’t guarantee your personal success, we can guarantee that the CSG:1 performs as designed-delivering a more accurate path to the hole.