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CenterStrike Putters: Brian Wittman Strikes Back

(March 21, 2021) You first heard of Brian Wittman here on, when he was launching a new putter innovation under the banner of MxV Golf. With its distinctive rolled face, the MxV1 putter brazenly challenged the conventional wisdom of the traditional flat-faced, lofted putter. So, what ever happened to Wittman and MxV? Well, it turns out that Wittman is still in the game, and ready to strike again with his new CenterStrike brand and its upcoming CenterG putter, which takes his original concept to the next level. We caught up with Wittman to learn more about this unique flatstick that is set to launch in October.

How is the CenterStrike putter different—and similar—from the MxV1 putter?

What we learned from our beta model was that everything we wanted to accomplish—proof of concept, fluid supply chain, general acceptance—we did. What we understood from our field testing, in-house R&D and design refinement was that we could make a fantastic putter perform even better. By reshaping the already patented round face to an additionally patented continuous arc, there would be no resistance or skidding when used on the fringe or slightly off the green, where some golfers still choose to use their putter. It would also allow the point-to-point sweet spot to align more effectively and efficiently regardless of how the ball lies.

We also took the alignment straight through to the back as a visual aid. Although, no matter where on the face you strike the ball you’ll get a true roll (no backspin), aiming/targeting to the center of the face is just better practice and results in better performance.

The matte black shaft and inner cavity of the head is designed to eliminate distraction. The hosel has been moved slightly forward to lessen the gap between the putter’s top edge and the shaft creating a slight bend to a forward press. The stock Argyle Comfort grip has been enlarged for a more secure handle, and greater confidence when activating the stroke.

Can you explain the advantage of your rolled face vs. the traditional flat-faced (and typically lofted) putter?

The patented round face of the CSG:1 simply addresses the ball with more accuracy that any flat-faced putter. You’ve heard me draw inspiration from Newton’s Cradle, a ball hitting a ball – it’s science! A ball hitting a ball at the same diameter is always going to strike the outermost edge of the ball, “the sweet spot,” for a true roll, no backspin and more accuracy. It’s what every golfer is trying to achieve. I’ve ignored the amped-up, weighted mallets that are on the market. While, from a visual design perspective, they are gorgeous to look at, the golfer is still waggling vertically and horizontally, still pulling left or right, and still miss-hitting the ball!

With the CenterG (CSG:1), our CenterStrike Technology reduces the likelihood of a misaligned hit by simply surfacing the club and sweeping the club face to a confident, targeted strike. The proof is in the results, both anecdotal, as we’ve seen, and scientific, as we’ve proven.

What barriers of adoption have you encountered in trying to bring a rolled-face putter to the mainstream?

The barriers of adoption have only made themselves present when we reach into a demographic that is unyielding and not open to change, or science, for that matter. We say: once upon a time, most people believed the world was flat, and there are some people that still believe that. We also say: You get to the green, we’ll take it from there…and this we know to be true.

The only other barrier, really, is that we are self-funded so we can’t compete, and don’t wish to, with the big boys. Because we don’t have deep pockets, we’re precluded from signing pro golfers. That scenario would lead to an overnight sensation, we just have to wait to see how it will play out. Our mission is, as one noteworthy sportswriter called our putter on beta release, “as simple as it is revolutionary.”

Our goal is to deliver a product that performs as advertised, gain the relevant market share of golfers that “get it” and create a community of low scoring, brand-loving amateur and pro golfers around the world.

Thanks, Brian. And stay tuned at

P.S. This news just came down the pike: CenterStrike Golf LLC has enlisted Doug Mauch, PGA professional to serve as its President of domestic and international affairs. Mauch brings over 25 years of experience as a PGA professional and national golf sales executive. His club pro career included positions as an assistant pro at Westchester CC and The Maidstone Club and Augusta National Golf Club. Doug was selected as the first head professional in 1997 at Tradition Golf Club in La Quinta, CA, which was the West Coast home to Arnold Palmer. In 2002, Mr. Palmer said of Mauch, “Doug is the first one to work with me this much, other than my father.” About CenterStrike Golf, Doug said, “I’ve been watching the progress CenterStrike has made in building their patented putter for several years and have played the prototype for some time. There is no better solution for forgiveness and accuracy than the CenterG putter featuring CenterStrike Technology. I’m excited to start telling the world about it.”

Sean Weir is the founder and editor of, and the author of Putter Perfection, the definitive guide to putter fitting.

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